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Grammar 8: Writing assignment 1 - Conditionals

Student: Lígia Maria Landi

A mandatory global warning law should be passed for all countries. Think about the following: What will happen if we don't control the amount of pollution being produced? How would such a law benefit people? How would different people and organizations react it? What would have to make it practical?

Global warming is one of the main climate problems we have nowadays. Most of the natural tragedies, such as severe thunderstorms; hot and cold waves and expansion of desert, which occurs in the Earth are the results of climate change. Therefore, we have to start thinking about our planet's future and what we have to do to protect it. If I were you, I would start from now. Comment by Ligia Maria Landi: In this sentence I'm giving an advice.

If we don't control the amount of pollution being produced, the situation is going to get worse and worse, for example, temperatures are going to increase even more in the tropical countries, resulting in a lack of rain or frequent rains that may cause flooding; however, in the north countries where the winter is harsh, temperatures tends to get lower.

In other words, unless we help the planet, it will continue to suffer the consequences for human acts. Comment by Ligia Maria Landi: Future real conditional Comment by Ligia Maria Landi: In this sentence I'm using "unless" because it's a negative sentence.

   If a global warming law were implemented, it would benefit people in many ways. First, global warming and its effects would be reduced, saving people to going through difficult weather conditions. Moreover, it would make the world population more aware with their attitudes and they would adopt an ecologically posture in order to overcome the global warming.