Breaches of the truth in "The Siege"

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Rob Sich's frontline- Brian attempts to lie to his wife Caroline so that he does not have to look after his son while working on "The Siege". Scene 4,page 57.

Rob Sich's Frontline- "I'm so sorry to hear about your son and grandchildren..." (Brooke to Mrs Forbes, the mother of the gunman). For Brooke and the rest of Mike More's Frontline team, the Siege is an opportunity for a great story. Therefore, Brooke is not sorry about events taking place at the farmhouse. Scene 6, p58.

Rob Sich's Frontline- "He's mature-aged. He's got a beard." (Kate's description of a psychology student, which they plan to interview as an expert on Siege-related trauma.) The fact that the student is older and has a beard would make it appear that he has more credibility than he actually does in reality. To add to the distortion of the truth, Brian tells Kate to "interview him in front of a book case".

Scene 7, p58.

Rob Sich's Frontline. Brooke- "Some shows are very unscrupulous. It's not so much to protect us-it's to protect you." This is in reference to an exclusivity statement which gives Mike More's Frontline soul ownership of the story. Mrs Forbes' welfare is not an issue here and Brooke is lying when she tells her that signing the paper is for her own protection from other unscrupulous shows. Scene 8, p58.

Brooke's air of sympathy towards Mrs Forbes is fake. Her concern is primarily for the story for Mike More's Frontline. It is also for the audience's benefit as Brooke portrays herself to be caring and sympathetic. Same scene and page.

Rob Sich's Frontline. Brooke- "Would you be able to cry again?" after fixing the problems with the audio, Brooke is trying to make the interview...