A breif biography of Andrea del Verrochio

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Andrea del Verrochio

Andrea del Verrochio was born in Florence 1435, under the name of Andrea de Cione ( he later changed his name to Andrea del Verrochio).

Andrea del Verrochio was a sculptor, painter, goldsmith, and master to Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Perugino. Andrea del Verrochio ranked second only to Donatello among the Italian sculptors of the Renaissance. Some famous art Andrea del Verrochio created were, "David" located at the Bargello Museum, the "Disbelief of St. Thomas" located in the Orsanmichele Church, the horseback monument located in the Campo, Beheading of the Baptist, Head of Goliath, Alexander the Great, Tomb of Giovanni and Piero de' Medici, Christ and St Thomas. When Leonardo Da Vinci was 15, his father apprenticed him to Andrea del Verrocchio. Leonardo was once assigned to paint an angel in a painting Verrochio was working on (The Baptism of Christ). After Verrochio saw Leonardo's painting, he laid down his brushes and never painted again.

In 1488, on Oct 7, he died at the age of 52.