A brief biography of Federico Garcia Lorca as well as a brief analysis of his poem "The Moon Rising"

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Federico Garcia Lorca was born in 1898 in Fuente Vaqueros in the province of Granada. His earliest training was in music, literature, and painting which he continued to study at schools in Granada. He was such a great composer and performer that everyone was surprised when he published a book of prose that he was inspired to write after visiting the Castile. Then in 1919, he moved to Madrid. Here he became acquainted with some of the leading artists of his time at the University of Madrid. Some of the people he that he became familiar with were: painter Salvador Dali, filmmaker Luis Bunuel, and poet Rafael Alberti.

During 1929 and 1930, he traveled to the United States and Cuba looking for more inspiration. One result of this trip was "Poet in New York", published after his death in 1940. It described his reaction to the "overmechanization of modern life".

The greatest poem he wrote, "Lament for Ignacio Mejias", was about his friend, who was a bullfighter that died in the ring.

However, a great tragedy occurred when the Spanish Civil War broke out on August 19 - 20, 1936. Federico Garcia Lorca was executed by Nationalist troops because he identified himself with the Republicans. "Spain lost its greatest 20th - century poets at the height of his career."

The Moon Rising

When the moon rises,

the bells hang silent.

and impenetrable footpaths


When the moon rises,

the sea covers the land,

and the heart feels

like an island in infinity.

Nobody eats oranges

under the full moon.

One must eat fruit

that is green and cold.

When the moon rises,

moon of a hundred equal faces.

the silver coinage

sobs in the pocket.


The poem has assonance, repetition, and a simile. This particular poem has only a...