British-American Cooperation in the War on Terror

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British-American Cooperation in the War on Terror


The topic was chosen because the terrorism and the war against it affect our world and even our daily lives more than we may percept it nowadays. Stock exchange prices, economic process depend on news from the Middle East conflicts.

Furthermore, the USA's attempt to make the EU more pro-American by having the UK on its side was not completely successful. One has to realize that the EU is simply no more pro-American, pro-free market nor pro-transatlantic than it was the time before September 11. The struggle goes on in two fronts: in Iraq and at US-EU meetings.

By forging cooperative coalitions the USA has not achieved its economic goal yet, namely to have the European Union open its market to free trade.

Cause - Terrorism

The rise of the Islamic terrorism finally reached western states. Until September 11 only smaller attacks on American interests attracted the world's attention.

But everything changed when on 2001, September 11 four hijacked planes were flown into major American buildings, such as into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Within hours the buildings collapsed. The attack against the Pentagon was even more stunning. Attacking New York did not shake the average American's sense of safety on a scale that the Washington attack did.

Oriana Fallaci wrote in her famous - and in certain countries infamous - book:

"In those countries' airports or airplanes I have always felt safe. Tranquil as a sleeping newborn. The only thing I was afraid of was being arrested because I used to write bad things about the terrorists. In European airports and airplanes, on the other hand, I always felt uneasy. In American airports and airplanes I actually felt nervous. Twice as nervous in New York.