Policy statement of the Norweigan point of view of the security council and possible reforms to it

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Despite widespread diplomatic discussion, and sentiment that the UN Security Council must be

expanded in order to maintain its long-term legitimacy, no generally acceptable formula for

expansion has emerged. Concerns for obtaining or retaining voting power, and for preserving a

body structured so as to be able to take prompt and effective decisions, have prevented agreement.

This article reviews various criteria for evaluating restructuring proposals, and suggests a formula

that, while not fundamentally affecting the distribution of power on the Council, might satisfy many

states' minimal requirements for an acceptable package of changes.

Norwegian Security Policy after the Cold War

The end of the Cold War between East and West has strengthened Norwegian security,

which makes Norway no different from most other European countries. There are now

more dimensions to security policy than there were when the overriding aim was

deterrence by means of one's own and allied military forces.

Cold War perceptions of

military threat no longer exist. In Norway's particular case, however, it is possible to talk

about a remaining strategic threat, when referring to Russian deployments in the far north.

Such a threat is only a potential one and is not imminent today. Yet it has to be

acknowledged that wars between nations and ethnic groups have hardly been abolished.

As a result, it has become more difficult to identify the risk of armed aggression directed

against Norway

The risk would seem to reside in the escalation of a whole series of completely different political

developments. For example, these eventualities could take the form of the emergence of a

nationalistic dictatorship, or the development of ungovernable political chaos in formerly communist

countries. Because of the existence of some very large arsenals and supplies of military equipment, it

is important to judge the political aims of...