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Broadcast television has become inappropriate for family viewing. Some of

the shows have become "too much" for general audiences. Television is pulling families

members away from each other. For example, mom is upstairs in her room watching

"Lifetime", dad is in the family room watching the football game, and the children are in

their own rooms watching "Cartoon Network". Parents are using the television to get a

break from their children. Television gradually becomes a powerful and disruptive

presence in family life . Children viewing hours continues to increase year

after year. Television is the most potent and pervasive offender. With

screens now as tall as an ostrich and twice as wide, television dominates the world of

whoever inhabits a room.

For many decades after television's introduction into American society, long after

view had come to take up more of the average child's waking time than any other single

activity, the most popular child-care manuals paid little attention to the medium and the

problems it has brought into the family.

The few paragraphs they devoted to television,

referred only to the content of programs children were likely to watch. Excessive

violence and sex were the dangers parents were warned about, not the excessive viewing

that might adversely effect their children's mental and emotional development .

Television has an impact on children's and adults physical health. Television

Viewing might lead to obesity. If you are watching television, you are not doing

anything active. While watching television, you are likely to be snacking. Connected

with the rise in obesity is a nationwide rise in diabetes, another physical health

problem. A decline in overall physical fitness among American children has often been

attributed to excessive television watching.

It is undoubtedly easier to control children's television viewing if the parents

do not spend much...