A Broken FDA System

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A Broken FDA System

Emily McCants

Baker College

The FDA's corruption adversely affects not only the American economy, but also the health of many Americans. The following, is just one example of what happens when dangerous substances are allowed in the food supply. One day, Peter was driving to work when suddenly his vision had flipped 180 degrees. Everything in his view was upside down, and the cars appeared as though they were driving on the ceiling. Where the ground should be, instead, appeared an expansive sky. An ambulance took Peter to the emergency room, and all his tests were coming back negative. Peter's vision continued to remain inverted for 3 hours until an E.R. Dr. asked Peter, if he had been drinking any diet sodas. Peter responded, yes, but only for two weeks. The Dr. responded that the vision problem was probably a direct result of the aspartame found in many diet sodas.

It has been traced as the main cause of the majority of patients seen in the E.R. with symptoms similar to Peters. After a total of five hours Peter's eyesight finally returned to normal, but Peter will never drink a diet soda again .

"The FDA is one of the most powerful regulatory government agencies. This agency supervises over $1 trillion dollars worth of products each year. Put it this way, the FDA has some form of influence on one quarter of every dollar you spend. These influences include food, medicine, medical devices, cosmetics and many other products". This government agency is responsible for overseeing the safety of new drugs being released onto the market. Yet, the FDA is in part of America's grossly inflated healthcare prices, because of its unnecessary markup of...