"Broken Hearts" by R.L. Stine

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The fiction novel that I have chosen to report on is "Broken Hearts". I chose this super chiller because I like to read horror and mystery stories because they keep me wanting to read the book.

The setting of the story takes place in Shadyside during the present time. The main characters are a sixteen-year old girl, Josie McClain, Erica McClain, a house-girl, Rachael McClain, a mentally disabled girl, which R.L. Stine describes as having "An oval-shaped face with creamy white skin and large olive green eyes. Her pretty face was framed by long copper-colored hair, which she swept straight back over her shoulders, letting it flow down to her waist" Mrs. McClain, Josie, Erica, and Rachael's mother, Mr. McClain, Josie, Erica, and Rachael's father, Melissa Davis, a sort of preppy girl, Muggy, Josie's pet dog, Steve, Josie's boyfriend, Luke, Melissa's boyfriend, and Dave. Everyone was 16 except for Erica, who was 14, and Mr.

and Mrs. McClain.

The plot of this story starts with sixteen-year old Josie McClain receiving threatening valentines from an unknown person. Josie and her boyfriend, Steve, believe it is only a joke, until Muggy, Josie's pet dog, gets murdered in her kitchen. Josie keeps receiving threatening valentines, and she starts suspecting everyone, especially Dave, a boy that Josie broke up with a long time ago. Dave only sent one card to Josie, and it was not meant to be deadly. He was arrested for the death of Muggy. After he was released, Dave himself dies by knife stabs while trying to climb a tree to talk to Melissa, to figure out who was really sending those cards. This is a very mystifying and suspenseful novel. Read the book and find out the ending, if you dare!

The conflict of Broken Hearts is...