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The song "Mr. Brownstone," by Guns N' Roses can be used to illustrate various topics dealing with socialization, norms, violation of norms, deviance, and criminal behavior. At the beginning of the song, he talks about getting up around seven, and getting out of bed around nine. Getting up at seven is a norm for our society, meaning that most people with jobs, get up around that time each morning. Getting out of bed at nine, may even be perceived as a norm, in that when we can, we like to stay in bed and sleep in a bit.

Going to work at seven pm is a deviant behavior because most people in the US would consider daytime as the normal time to work. But for a singer, going to work at 7pm would be considered a norm. Even having a drink after an intense day at work would be viewed as part of our societal norms so "sippin' a drink and feelin' fine," isn't too far out of reach as far as maintaining "normal" behavior.

When the singer starts talking about Mr. Brownstone though, there is a definite change from behavior that is normative, to deviant and criminal behavior. "We've been dancin' with Mr. Brownstone," is a direct connection to shooting heroin which is deviant (differs from the norm) and criminal (specific rules indicating behavior which is unlawful) in our society as well as being a violation of informal and formal norms. Additionally, the comment about "He's been knockin'; he won't leave me alone," indicates addiction to the heroin and addiction to illegal drugs is also deviant and criminal.

The "actor or singer" in this song may have gone through a form of anticipatory socialization and/or resocialization where he learned that this behavior is acceptable and desirable...