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P1 explain how the training needs for an organisation are linked to the different levels within its structure

P2 describe what an organisation needs to consider when identifying its training needs

Organisational structure Marks & Spencer is a leading retailers of food in the UK, clothing, home wares and financial services whose aim is to source key raw materials from the most sustainable resources available, which are kinder to the environment, and ethically produced. The business has the following objectives;

To become the world's most sustainable major retailer by 2015

To address a number of themes through their new clothing line to focus on value and quality and provenance

To be the top family brand

To develop new brand identities

To develop and more specialised position in the food sector

To overhaul its brand portfolio

To become a truly international, multi-channel retailer

Attracting and retaining the industry's best talent is at the heart of M&S Human Resources

Marks and Spencer vision, mission, values

Vision: The standard against which all others are measured Mission: Making aspirational quality accessible to all Values: Quality, value, service, innovation and trust

Over the years Marks & Spencer have changed its organisational structure into a flatter organisation structure.

It did this by reducing the number of layers of authority through the process of delayering. With its flatter organisational structure employees throughout the business have more responsibility and are able to make quick decisions when required. Employees also have more accountability than before, which means that they must be prepared to explain and justify the decisions that they take.

According to, the Marks & Spencer Head Office in London employs around 3,000 people. These employees have specialist roles within the organisation. There are the buyers of stock, people involved in managing stock and its...