Buines Opportinities and Threats in China

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Business Opportunities and Threats in China

Don Carter

Grand Canyon University



Business Opportunities and Threats in China

Introduction: China is one of the world's fastest growing economies. This presents companies with vast opportunities for businesses to expand their business in this marketplace. Along with these opportunities come risks as well. As of 2009 nearly 640,000 foreign companies have set up their offices in China and the number continues to grow at a quick pace. This has brought with it investments of over 810 billion dollars. The influx of new capital has speeded up the pace of China's modernization. China is among the world's largest trading countries. With all of these positive trends one might think it is almost a sure bet to expand its business into this growing market. In this paper I will be exploring why China represents a great opportunity as well as the threats to consider.

(Apicella, 2009)

The opportunities in China are very broad and have many segments of the market available to numerous companies. Being that the free market system is fairly new to China there are not very many companies that have engrained themselves into the market culture as immovable. Some of the areas which present good investment opportunities are education, telecommunications and utility generation.

As China continues to open itself up to the international marketplace it is finding that it is also in need of a more international based education system. One of the primary ways this is being addressed is to have foreign education providers establish schools within the country. This is relatively a new concept and there is a great need for these types of schools. I see this sector of the market...