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Company Profile


In 1954 David Edgerton and James McLamore purchased a fledgling burger shop that could not seem to make a name for itself, called Insta-Burger King. Immediately the two new owners renamed the establishment Burger King. For the first few years Burger King struggled to compete with their competitors, namely McDonalds, but slowly started to gain more and more popularity. If a person were to fast forward to today, they would see that Burger King is not only competing in the fast food industry, but also on the New York Stock Exchange at approximately thirty one dollars a share. As a company that is constantly in McDonald's shadow, it is extremely interesting to examine how a perpetual runner up stays afloat. From footholds in foreign markets, to creating enticing limited time offers, to even acquiring Tim Hortons, Burger King has brought out all the stops.

Lately, however, Burger King has moved its attention to breaking even farther into a more hip youthful market. Ever since losing a lot of business due to a large scale campaign in which Burger King tried to market unhealthy caloric food to attract more male customers, Burger King has struggled to regain its' popularity in the youth market. Today, however, they have deployed many ads aimed at this market, and have even revamped their website to incorporate an extremely youthful vibe. To further explain this, a closer examination of Burger King's homepage, Facebook page, and a new heartwarming ad aimed at selling a "Proud Whopper" will be extremely useful in highlighting this new direction Burger King is taking.

Upon entering Burger King's website, www.bk.com, the first thing that catches a person's eye is a slide show in which Burger King advertises all of the newest products and...