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Switch Restaurant and Lounge is owned by a Saudi woman called Deem Al Bassam .the restaurant was opened inn 2008 ,its located at the heart of Dubai mall G floor next to the ice skating .switch is known for their unique design that was created by the famous Karim Rashid. Which was his first accomplishment in Dubai .Switch is also known for their amazing menu which is for nuttella lovers ,it offers them nuttella with every thing they just have to choose.

Dimension 1 Exterior facilities of switch restaurant and cafe

Architecture style and color of restaurant :

It has a classy entrance from the out side of the mall which contains of brown and gray colors and the logo of the restaurant is in the middle with a big font so every one can see it .It also has a glassy entrance from inside the mall which allows people to see through the glass the unique design.

The size of restaurant :

its small compared to other restaurant ,the design has taken a huge space of the restaurant .

Parking and accessibility:

The restaurant is located in Dubai mall which gives them the advantage of having free parking for all customer. One of switch advantage is being really close to the parking so people who want eat switch can easily park and go their they don't have to walk the whole mall for it .


It has two Entrance one in the inside of the mall and the other one is outside .


Switch has his own style which makes it unique by from any other restaurant although its small but it has an advantage from any other restaurant that the idea of SWICH has never been done in dubai.

Dimension 2 interior display and store...