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State of Confusion

Business Law

Teresa Anderson

October 11, 2010


State of Confusion

Recently, the state of Confusion mandated that all trucks and towing trailers use a B-type hitch. In response to the statute imposed by Confusion, Tanya Trucker has decided to file a lawsuit against state. Her trucking company based in the state of Denial would be adversely affected by this regulation for the extra expense of installing new hitches or requiring her drivers avoid the state of Confusion by driving around the state resulting in additional drive time and higher gas fees. The federal government does not regulate the type of hitches used by trucks travelling the nation's roadways that will be the basis of Tanya's court case against the state of Confusion.

Stages of a Civil Suit

The seven stages of a civil suit are as follows: 1) starting the case by initiating court papers; 2) fact-finding and discovery; 3) resolution before trial through court motions; 4) resolution before trial through settlement of alternative dispute resolution; 5) trial and verdict; 6) collecting monies from court if awarded, and 7) appeals (Findlaw, 2010).

Tayna will need to find an attorney who has in-depth knowledge of the interstate commerce laws to provide her the best outcome. Her attorney will file the necessary papers in court before beginning the discovery phase to build the case before going to trial.


In Tanya's lawsuit, the federal court will have jurisdiction over her case between the two states and will decide the case regarding interstate commerce. Although the state court would typically hear cases that involve state laws or regulations, it would not hold jurisdiction over Tanya's lawsuit. Cases involving federal laws and regulations would be heard in federal court even though the...