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Business plan: Skill Development Training for Home Care Services

PROPOSED WORK CONCEPT: Training/grooming module for existing/prospective housemaids/Domestic helps/Domestic Assistants.


"Empowering the Urban slum women by improving their socio-economic condition through Skill Development Training"


To strengthen the women residing in urban slum dwellings of Delhi both economically and socially, so that they can live their life with dignity.


Towards beneficiaries:

To make the women self reliant through skill development training

To train the women professionally so as to enhance their performance hence income

To help these women earn with dignity and respect

To raise the marketability o

f the women domestic servant through proper training

Towards Clients:

To provide trained domestic helpers who are both cost effective and service effective for the client.

To provide skilled domestic helpers who can manage all the house hold activities smoothly and properly like housekeeping, cooking, handling baby, etiquettes etc.

Reduce the mental and physical pressure of the client involved in the process of hiring and sustaining the domestic help.


Target Area:

The target area is the slum dwellings surrounding Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. The project area comes under South Delhi district of New Delhi and approx. 14km away from New Delhi Railway station. It is basically garbage dumping area surrounded by main nala of South Delhi. The structures of houses are semi pacca or katcha. The people residing within the target area belong to various castes & religion and are migrated from different nearby states of Delhi namely U.P, Bihar, Odisha, Rajastan etc.


The Target Group is the marginalized and vulnerable women of the slum dwellings who are illiterate a d are victims of various types of violence and exploitation - inside and outside the family. The people residing in the target area are migrants from...