Businness Letter (Correct Format of the Businness Letter and Example).

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Johnny Bobby

17056 North 55th Street

Phoenix, AZ 83244

Rubio's Restaurant

15692 South 59th Street

Glendale, AZ 83252

October 7, 2005

To whom it may concern:

I just went to your restaurant last week and I loved it. You have the best Mexican food in all of Arizona. I really liked your fish tacos. They were delicious. Your restaurant was so clean to. You had a huge variety of drinks and food. The chips are very salty and hot which I liked.

When I went to Rubio's for the first time I wasn't expecting it to taste good because I've never heard of Rubio's but you proved me wrong. All of your employees were super nice. I might just get a job there some day. Your lines went fast and your prices were very cheep. I will be visiting Rubio's again sometime in the next month. Thank you for giving me an experience that I wont forget.


Johnny Bobby