Businss Plan in China.

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Chapter 1Introduction

After striving for 15 years, China finally got the formal approval from the World Trade Organization's (WTO) 142 member countries, marking a new phase in China's transition to the market-based economy.

Against a global slowdown, China has made its first year of WTO membership a great success, with both better than expected economic growth and steadfast fulfillment of its WTO commitments. The Economist (02/15/2003, vol. 366) described "China's economy is already enormous. In dollar terms, its GDP is the sixth largest in the world, just smaller than France's. In terms of purchasing-power parity (after adjusting for price differences between economies) it is second only to the United States with an 11.8% share of world GDP. Last year's official figure of 8% made it the most dynamic large economy in the world-by far."

It is no doubt that the Chinese economy is booming. The 8 percent growth rate for gross domestic product clearly exemplifies the outstanding performance of the Chinese economy.

In this corporate plan, on the basis of the current situation and trends of Chinese economy, the opportunities and threats of our company are discussed and some recommendations how the company to deal with them are also proposed.

Chapter 2Company Profile

Nestle - the company has a history of almost 130 years. It started when its founder Henri Nestle invented the first Infant formula "Infant Milk Cereal Farine Lactee Henri Nestle" to combat infant mortality for mothers who were not able to breast feed.

Today, the Nestle group, through numerous acquisitions and mergers has grown to become the world's leading food company to include many of the world's favorite brands including Nescafe, Nesquik, Milo, Perrier, Crunch, Maggi and many more.

The Nestle Group, being the World's Leading food company and Switzerland's largest Industrial Company, carries more...