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Butch Cassidy and theSundance KidThis movie is about holding onto a friendship even when times get hard. The movie had many parts where all the main characters had were each other and though they may have been annoyed with each other at times, they stuck it through as friends and never let each other down. A scene that shows this really well is the scene where they arrive in Bolivia and Sundance is irritated to find that it is not like the place that Butch had described at all. This is a time where Sundance could have left with Etta and never talked to Butch again, but he stuck through it as a good friend always does. This shows how strong the bonds of friendship are in this movie and shows how it can affect their lives both negatively and positively.

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid was directed by George Roy Hill in October of 1969.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford star in this modern western about two bank and train robbers who flee to Bolivia when the law gets too close. Katharine Ross also plays a big part in the movie as Sundance’s girlfriend who has a fling with Butch Cassidy. The movie is set in Wyoming and Bolivia in the 1900’s. This movie is rated PG for language, violence, alcohol usage, and brief suggested nudity.

In the movie Butch and Sundance are in a gang of thieves who decide to stop robbing banks and start robbing Union Pacific Flyer trains. This ended up being a bad idea as they end up being chased across Wyoming by a group of trackers who had been hired by the train company to kill them. While being chased Butch comes up with many strategies to get the men off their trail but none of them work so they end up jumping off a cliff, picking up the girlfriend, and fleeing to Bolivia. When they arrive in Bolivia they discover that it is nowhere near as great as it sounded and end up being once again chased, only this time by a country.

One part that really sticks out in my mind as important is the scene right before Butch and Sundance jump off the cliff and into the river. This moment sticks out most because it shows how close the two men are. The fact that Butch was able to get to Sundance to jump with shows how strong their bond is because Sundance can’t swim, so he is seriously trusting Butch with his life. Even though he would have had harsh consequences if he stayed on the cliff, Sundance jumping brought to light the true strength of their friendship and made the notion of him dropping his life and fleeing to Bolivia, a place he knew nothing about, a more believable plot twist.

This is a movie that I would definitely recommend to people because it keeps you engaged in the film and keeps you wondering about what will happen next. I would recommend it to people who like westerns and also people who like mysteries because with the way the story unravels it gives the movie a slight ‘what is going to happen’ feel. I probably wouldn’t recommend Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to many people around my age because I think there could be a lack of interest there. Kids I think also wouldn’t enjoy the movie as much because it can get a bit dull at times and children probably wouldn’t understand movie very well either. Overall, I enjoyed the film and I would encourage others to see it.

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