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Marketing Thoery & Practice

Q.13 What is meant by the 'buyer decision process' ? Explain the process , relating it to an individual's purchase of a new digital camera.

1 . Introduction:

When a person makes a decision to buy something, basically, the product he want to buy is useful for him and he need it. Then he will go to find the "information" about that kind of goods from every seller and different brands. After he collect the information from ads, magazines, his friends, or mass media, he will think about that, compare the qualities, prices, services......between different sellers or companies, decide which brand of the product he gonna buy. Finally, he will choose the most preferred brand to buy. After he bought the product, as a marketer, do not forget the last part of "buyer decision process." : Post-purchase behaviour. The reaction of customers are very important for a company .

What are the buyers thinking about the products , it's satisfied or dissatisfied, even the reputation of one company are all depends on "Post-Purchase behaviour."

So , the stages buyers pass through to reach a buying dcision are :

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5

Need recognition; Information search; Evaluation of alternative; Purchase decision ; Post-purchase behaviour.

"Clearly, the buying process starts long before actual purchase, and continues long after. Marketers need to focus on the entire buying process rather than on just the purchase decision. But in more routine purchase consumers often skip or reverse some of these stages."( Kotler Brown - Marketing 6th edition . )

2 . 'Buyer Decision Process' :

At the beginning of year 2004, Tony decided to buy a digital camera for taking photos during his journey around Europe. There were lots brands of digital cameras on...