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(Persuasive essay)

America has suffered long enough. It is wrong to let the abuses brought on by King George III be ignored. It is time we Americans stop being treated like lower class citizens. It is time that we abolish monarchy, which has so many times proven unjust and unreliable. It is time we take the seriousness of our current situation into our own hands. Cut the chains England has upon us because then and only then will America ever reach its fullest potential.

King George has stripped us of our rights as citizens and disciples of God. It is unjustifiable that we have no say in the government that rules over us. King George wishes to control our lives. Our entire way of life is threatened. The extent of his power goes so far that he has the power to take our very lives away from us. As far as he is concerned, our property, our money, and even our children belong to him.

This is no way to live yet the abuses continue.

The way King George taxes us freely is but a testament to his power and our lack thereof. Taxes on items such as stamps and tea are ridiculous. Why must we pay taxes on items and never see a pound of it spent on something benefiting us. Instead it is spent on fancy feasts and clothes for our so humble king. The way King George abuses his power is both unjust and selfish. Governments are formed to protect the people, but the people lack the power necessary to protect themselves from their own government if they wish to do them harm. This unbalance of power leads to a lack of trust and society can not function without trust in their government. Therefore, for America to...