Can Customer Service Affect the Business a Restaurant Has? A Debatable Issue Which Can Be Solved

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a) Introduction to the idea of customer service

b) Definition of customer service

c) Main goals of the paper

2) Main body - Analysis

a) Waiter / waitress importance

i) Appearance

ii) Service

iii) friendliness

b) Foodservice

i) Quality

ii) Quantity

iii) Appearance

iv) Variety

c) Restaurant organization

i) General appearance - Decoration

ii) Cleanliness - Hygiene

iii) General organization

3) The opposing side

a) What the opposing side believes

b) The importance of the type of the restaurant in terms of customer service

c) ;No matter the reason of visiting a restaurant might be, the customer always needs some type of customer service


a) The contribution of every factor consisting customer service into the total restaurant organization is very important for the correct operation of each restaurant


Many times when a person goes to a restaurant as a goal to enjoy a quiet meal with his/her friend, some things can go wrong in the restaurant organization and thus disappointment of the customer may be the immediate result.

Even if the food is excellent, there are times when the customer does not really appreciate the food, but the organization of the restaurant as a whole.

The organization of the restaurant which the customer pays attention to is the organization of customer service. Customer service includes everything which has to do with the quantity, quality and appearance of the food, the appearance, service and friendliness towards the customer of the waiter/waitress, the general appearance of the restaurant, the cleanliness and finally the organization of all of the above.

The meaning of this paper is to explain how it is possible for the restaurant owner to have problems with his/her clientele if the customer service provided to the customers is inadequate and does not cover the whole range...