Canada's Diverse History

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This essay analyzes the diversity of Canada's history,

geography, climate, economy, cultures and government. Did you know it is

the largest country in the world now that U.S.S.R broke up. Specifically,

Canada is 9,922,330 square km.

Did you know that Canada used to be named "Kanata"? Yes, Kanata is an

Indian word meaning village. It was not until July 1,1867 that Kanata was

renamed Canada. Canada was originally discovered by Jacques Cartier an

explorer from France who sailed down the St.Lawrence in 1534. Cartier we

believe was the first to set foot on Canadian soil. He marked his presence

with a flag claiming it his land. Over the years, Canada has developed into

the home of the largest free-standing structure in the world. Canada,(a

great tourist attraction)is also home of the largest water fall in the

world. Our farmland unlike a lot of others has a variety of climate.


warmer summer climate ranges from +10 - +30 and the cooler climate ranges

from anywhere to -10 - -30. Despite the changes in temperature, Canada's

precipitation is very light.

Our home is enclosed by the United States of south, the Pacific ocean

and Alaska on the west side, the Atlantic ocean on the east side and the

Arctic up north. One of the dominant reasons Canada is so well populated is

due to the fact of our financial status. At this present time, the economy

is not doing too well, but who's is? Canada is highly industrialised by

manufacturing Automobiles, food, liquor and tobacco. We as a Unified

country accept other cultures and religions. Canada has about every

nationality possible and together they form a great home. Despite the many

cultures, Canada's main languages are english and french. Canada is a

democracy. This means...