What Canada taught me

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Have you ever been motivated to really want to do something? I am sure that anyone have had that kind of experience before. Even right now I am pursuing my own goals and recording it on a piece of paper. To begin with I am excited about going to university in the next two years. I am grateful that I am finally able to pull myself back together after failing some courses in grade nine. The most important things in my life right now are my families and school. My purpose in life is to pursue everything I desire. I want to have a successful career that I am not sure of yet. I want to become a person that contributes lots for his career. as i am spending time in careers class to make the ( be warn this is a 20 page essay)

As of the year 2000 was my first time landing on the lands of Canada. All that has changed my life. I changed from a decent quiet student to a wacky talkative person that I am very proud of. From the first minute i officially touched the ground of peace I was able to jump up and down to see it if it was really truth. My family had prepared a place to stay i didn't really have a clear image to describe the house due to the fact that i was only 10 years old then.

I remember from the first time I went to school in Canada I was very scared but it still could not compare to all the excitement that was building up in me. Because my school was a very multicultural school I met my first Canadian Chinese teacher in my second new school. I made plenty of friends...