Canterbury Tales: Doctor Summary

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Jamie Wilkes English 4 September 26, 2000 4th hour The Doctor Physical- "žg wore blood-red garments, slashed with bluish gray and lined with taffeta "žg took very good care of himself- watched his diet carefully and did not allow for extras Morality- "žg stingy with his money, did not read the Bible very much Rank/station- "žg Doctor, of the working class Chaucer's opinion- - "žg Chaucer does not like this pilgrim; he mentions how the doctor is corrupt- he and his friends make money off of the patients "žg not very religious because he does not read the Bible I would cast Peter Gallagher to portray my character. In House on Haunted Hill he played a similar role as a doctor that brought patients into the household on the pretense that they were there for an insomnia study. He was portrayed as a deceitful doctor that would rather benefit himself than others.

Some other characteristics he would need to display would be: extremely intelligent and talented concerning both medicines and surgery, stingy with his money but still dress well, be physically fit, and display an attitude of apathy when it comes to things of a religious nature. Peter Gallagher could fulfill this role, and to an extent, already has.

Modern Doctor Into the office walked the Doctor, the prestigious Doctor from Harvard.

There definitely isn't anyone else that can talk the talk like he can.

He can go on for hours and hours about things like medicine and surgery, even things seemingly ridiculous, like astronomy.

He would carefully examine his patients- and when the time was right, according to his knowledge and intuition, he would work through his knowledge and pinpoint the illness.

He knows every infirmity, its cause and effect.

He has a perfect tract record- he knows what is wrong with his patients immediately and even gives them their prescriptions right then and there.

And of course all of his friends- at least the pharmacists; are ready with the medicine that they know the patient needs and let's just say they skim a little money off the top, since they can overcharge and undercut however they please; after all, they are all good friends.

Now our Doctor here- he knows all the theories, has studied all the notes, lectures, and books of all the smart and brilliant Doctors from the present and way into the past.

He even applies his knowledge to his own life: unlike so many Doctors, he does not do anything harmful to his own body- no smoking or drinking, snacking or binge eating He only eats healthy food- nutrients and vitamins.

Now church- he doesn't attend that much And the Bible he very rarely will touch His clothes are a little showy, but not full out Armani or Kenneth Cole Riding along in his modest Accord instead of that Lexus and Navigator we all know he can afford.

He liked to stay close to his money Money motivates the heart, or so it is said, And indeed our Doctor, this corrupt man, loved his money he -sometimes illegally- earned.