Capacity Planning of Information Technology

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Capacity planning of information technology is basically the preemptive plan of what software, hardware and networking infrastructure will be required now and at a certain point of time in the future. A topic that is often overlooked, all organizations can benefit from proper capacity planning. For the case at hand, organizations such as Trident University International (TUI) rely on students who wish to advance their careers by earning various academic degrees. Capacity in this sense would be how many students the institution can sustain before it must add more resources.

Proactive planning is the best route to take as improper or short sighted planning can quickly be the cause of higher costs. "It is very common for an IT organization to manage system performance in a reactionary fashion, analyzing and correcting performance problems as users report them. In a perfect world, administrators prepare in advance in order to avoid performance bottlenecks altogether, using capacity planning tools to predict in advance how servers should be configured to adequately handle future workloads."

"(TeamQuest Corp, 2007)". Once a plan is established it will become easier for the organization to build the infrastructure out through maintenance as needed instead of responding to brush fires but never extinguishing the larger blaze.

IT capacity planning is best described as a way for organizations to plan for their future technology requirements. "Capacity planning is the process of determining the production capacity needed by an organization to meet changing demands for its products." "(Dell, 2007)". Hiring an experienced capacity planning analyst is good because generally they have experience in this type of work and their knowledge can be useful to justify present and future requirements. For an educational institution like TUI considerations must be made for that because it is an accredited online University whereas their are students...