Capital Panishment

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Capital PunishmentCapital Punishment is still in use here in the United States. It is not a punishment in all fifty states. Many countries around the world have stopped using Capital Punishment as a means to deter violent crime. The United States is among a very two members of the United Nations that still has Capital Punishment, the United States, South Korea, Bangladest and Rwanda. I believe that the death penalty does most work to deter crime.

There are many states that use this as a term of sentencing when some one The death penalty is a very cmeroversial issue here in United States.

has commuted a violent act of murder. Many people thinks that sentencing some one to death for their crime does not work. Many states could prove this my reviewing statistics on their own. Criminologist have noted that there seems to be a correlation between crime and death penalty.

Two criminologist Mr. Keith Harries and Mr. Derral Cheatwood conducted a study on the states with the death penalty, they found that states with the death penalty had higher rates of violent crime. Another survey found the once chiefs ranked the death penalty is the least likely to deter murder (please see the graphs). This continues to provide evidence, proving the death penalty does not deter crime.

The conscience of society may feel letter is some one who kills some one is sentenced to death. The fact is that many people sentenced to death by witness electrocution on lethal injection remain living for many years.

They have no chance of parole. Another argument supports of Capital Punishment sometimes use it the cost of keeping some one in jail. It is time that costs tax payer to keep some one in jail but the member...