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Only humans can take raw material from the environment, transform them and in the process change their own conditions of existence (Rinehart 1). In other words, human beings differentiate from animals because of work; mankind centralizes around work. There are two kinds of work, one where you moving things around and the other where you’re telling people to move things around (Lecture). Working in a privately owned restaurant as a bus-boy classifies under the first definition of work.

Today adults ordinarily spend at least one-third of their waking hours on the job (Rinehart 1). As an adult, I work in distasteful conditions with no benefits. I am continuously being pushed to work up to 5 days a week, with no breaks, and no holidays. At this very busy Italian restaurant servers get paid below government regulated minimum wage, given the fact that we make tips on top of our hourly pay.

In addition to the fact that the tips I make alone, are not mine alone; but in fact is gathered up n split amongst all the bus-boys and servers. Should one not be able to get all the tips they make in one night all to themselves? (soundz weird) I surely believed so; however that was not the case. What would happen was each of the business associates (servers, hosts, busboys, etc.) had to collect their tips for the night and put it in a pot and at the end of the night our boss would gather and total the tips. He then finally splits the money among eight to ten guys, depending on what night of the week it is. That is where some of our money goes missing; some of us believe that it goes into the bosses’ pockets. This is how capitalism comes into play; the...