A Car: The assignment was to analyze an object

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Irons 1

Troi Irons

Professor Kraft

English 101

4 Ocotber 2006

A Car

A young and rebellious girl rushes outside after a quarrel with her mother. For a

moment, she stands completely still, battling the rage inside that tries to take over.

Finally, she contends no more as her anger fully envelopes her thoughts and actions.

She stomps into the garage, swings the car door open, pulls the key out of her pocket,

starts the ignition, and slams the car door. As she speeds out of the driveway, her mother

rushes out of the front door, hoping to catch her daughter and stop her. It's too late

though, because her daughter is gone forever.

She stands at the end of the driveway, watching her children walk to the bus stop for

school. When they turn the corner and she can no longer see them, she goes back inside

her house.

She admires the picture of her late husband on her dresser before getting

out of her bed clothes and into a suit. She then puts on those dreaded heels that she will

have to wear all day and throws on a coat, for the weather man said that it was supposed

to snow. She walked toward the bus stop, hoping that there would be a seat left.

The bus was fifteen minutes late and that meant she would be tardy for work but she

knew that she couldn't blame the driver; she should have come early. She got on the bus

and sat down. As she looked out the window, she saw cars speeding by and imagined

what it would be like to have one.

A boy walks home on his birthday with friends after school. It's his sixteenth birthday

and he just hopes that he can get...