Career Development Plan Summary

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Career Development Plan Summary

Natalie Davis

Professor Wanda Taylor

November 5, 2010

Summary of Current Situation

Dynamex Incorporated is in the process of reorganizing the company's sales staff to increase company revenue. An outside research firm was brought in to find ways to improve the sales staff. The results from several surveys from past and present employees resulted in this proposal.

Company Information

Dynamex is North America's leading same-day transportation and logistics services company, offering a wide range of door to door fulfillment and distribution for clients of all sizes and needs. Dynamex facilitates deliveries within cities, between cities and between countries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. With over 20 years of experience in same-day transportation and logistics services, Dynamex thinks in terms of minutes, not hours. Whether you are shipping a single time critical package that just has to get there NOW or have distribution freight requirements, Dynamex is your delivery fulfillment provider of choice.

If you own your own fleet to distribute your product, Dynamex has a fleet outsourcing solution to help you replace your fleet with one of our custom tailored dedicated solutions that will improve service to your customers and relieve your company of the burden and costs of owning a fleet of vehicles.

Solution Overview

As a midlevel manager I have the responsibility and role to oversee the local sales team. I have the responsibility to be sure that Dynamex sale staff have all the tools that are needed to be successful in his or her job. I will have the role of assisting sales team members in enhancing his or her sales techniques. I am also responsible for performance appraisals, hiring and termination of employees if sales quotas are not met.