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One of the first tasks that I planed to do in my exploration proposal was to e-mail the office I worked at last summer. After I started to write the e-mail, I realized how much more effective it would be if I called them instead. I began to initiate conversation about my experience at college and how the studio was doing in terms of workload. My boss Emily Lazar talked to me about the new projects they were working on and also her plans for Thanksgiving. Luckily, keeping good relations with my boss is not very difficult because the fact that we are family friends. By making that phone call I kept a really great and active relationship for future employment possibilities. We also talked about how it would be really great for me to come see the studio over break and check up with everyone. Currently I am still on very good terms with my boss and the entire Lodge.

This is usually not the case with me because I usually forget to call people or keep track of the people I need to stay in contact with. At the end of the conversation, I was able to schedule a meeting with Emily about my future plans with The Lodge and what I can do in school to help become more educated in the industry.

My academic advisor controls a lot of what goes on with the classes I take and my major. It is a requirement for students to meet with their advisor in order to schedule classes for the next semester. Besides meeting with Joanna about my classes, we also talked about what it would mean to switch my major to music industry. At first she was very disappointed with the fact that I wanted to leave...