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Career Exploration

Josh Ganus

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Career Development


Bottom of the 9th, one out, and I'm scouting the College World Series for the Atlanta Braves. The starter is trying to throw a complete game. I notice that the pitcher's mechanics seemed to be off in a way where his arm looked to have too much stress on it thus causing future injuries. I decide to not write his name down. The Marlins ended up drafting him and he had to have career ending surgery on his elbow. I live for scenarios like this as well as head coaching and the pitching coaching side. I plan on becoming either a college pitching coach, head coach, or Pro Scout. I will explain, their day to days, overall job description, salary, and education needed.

College Pitching Coach

Being a pitching coach isn't the most normal job. Your hours are very different from other peoples.

Day to day a pitching coach is there to help coach the pitchers day in day out. A pitching coach will have to research each day about how to make it pitchers better. Employment of coaches and scouts is projected to grow 15 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations. The average starting salary is 26,090. The rising participation in high school and college sports could increase demand for coaches and scouts ("Coaches and scouts," 2014). Being a pitching coach in a Florida is different from a pitching coach in Colorado or Arizona where the air is thin and the ball flies farther. You would want to stay in an area where there's good talent and good weather consistently. To qualify for this job you must have your Bachelor's degree.

College Head Coach

Being a head coach has a ton more responsibility...