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Appendix 1: Anticipating the Earthquakes and Determining the Core Issue

Reframing Techniques Used:

Doing the Pig: The "Pig" analysis was used multiple times in our preliminary brainstorming sessions in order to help us gain a more complete look at each issue.

Supply Chain Analysis: In order to gain a better understanding of the cruise industry, we laid out Carnival's supply chain and looked at each segment from Carnival stakeholders' perspective.

Uncertainty and Disagreement Matrix: After finding all the potential corporate earthquakes, we plotted them on the Uncertainty and Disagreement matrix to gain a better understanding where each earthquake lies. We wanted to see which earthquakes were known and which ones were unknown so we can start to analyze how the unknown earthquakes will impact Carnival.

Challenging Assumptions: We listed out all of Carnival's existing assumptions and challenged each one from both a stakeholder perspective and an overall industry perspective.

From this, we were able to narrow down our earthquakes and settle on one core issue.

Questions Asked:

Who are Carnival's existing stakeholders and how do they see Carnival?

What is Carnival's current business model?

What are some of Carnival's underlying assumptions?

Could any of these assumptions be challenged?

Are there any similarities between the different corporate earthquakes?

Which corporate earthquake has the most profound affect on Carnival's triple bottom line?


The purpose of this appendix was to gain a better understanding of the overall environment in which Carnival currently operates. By looking at all the changes that are currently happening within the cruising and related industries, we were able to find various corporate earthquakes that could potentially shape or alter Carnival's current business. We asked ourselves a series of questions and utilized a number of reframing techniques which helped us...