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"Casablanca" is a picture starring Humphrey Bogart, and Ingrid Bergman. Bogart is playing the cynical Rick, and Bergman is the amazingly beautiful Isla. The setting for the picture is the unoccupied French Morocco city of Casablanca, during World War II. Thousands of refugees have fled Europe and many pass through Casablanca, on their way to America. "Casablanca" is a story of lost love found again, during the hardest of times.

Rick is one of the few refugees who has voluntarily stayed put in Casablanca. He owns a bar and proclaims loyalty to no one but himself often using the quote "I stick my neck out of nobody". His past is unclear yet there is a hint that he wasn't always as cynical as he appears.

Even though Rick states he "... sticks his neck out for no body" it becomes obvious that Rick is a person who feels he must do what is right whenever he can.

When the crooked Chief of Police tries to get Rick involved in a scam to trade a beautiful young bride her innocence for a pass to America. Rick ends up helping the woman's husband win at the roulette table, which is obviously rigged, so that they would have enough money to buy a pass, rather than to risk their love for one another.

Rick's partner throughout the movie is Sam. Sam is Rick's friend the musical entertainment, and ten percent owner of the bar. It is odd that Sam and Rick are friends during this period of history. During this time in America the civil rights movement was heating up and often created barriers between people of different ethnicities but apparently this wasn't something either Rick or Sam were concerned about. Sam even turned down...