A case analysis of the Irish Hotel Industry with specific reference to the City Hotel (a fictional Hotel and it's problems with Human Resources.

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The following report is an analysis of the Irish Hotel industry with specific reference to the City Hotel. After identifying the main problems facing the Hotel, I have completed an external analysis on the environment the hotel is currently operating in. A review of the hotel's current strategy determined whether it can operate profitably in this environment and what changes need to be made with it's identified problems to the fore.

Challenges facing the City Hotel

ØAchieving excellence in customer service

ØCoping with the current changes in Irish tourism

ØAttracting top quality candidates

ØUtilizing staff to optimum advantage

ØTraining staff to meet the changing needs of the organization

ØPlanning career paths for present employees

With experience of over 20 years in the industry, the City Hotel has enjoyed steady growth, particularly over the last five years. Utilizing its central location in the city, the Hotel caters mainly for business trade during the week.

With 55 bedrooms, it provides accommodation for the holiday trade during the summer and on the weekends. It has a staff of 72 employees.

Mission Statement

The Hotel does not appear to have a formal mission statement, but they do have core strategies, competencies and values. These are: run healthy core business, leverage strengths into expansion, flexibility to meet the changing needs of the industry, staff and customer loyalty, integrity, people working together, a diverse and involved team, and a good rapport with competition.

External Environment

In 2002 Ireland had foreign revenue earnings of 4 billion, there were 2,444,000 visitors accommodated by 41,983 available hotel rooms.

( Fáilte Ireland )

To remain profitable, hotels must operate with around 65% - 70% capacity. The average room occupancy of 50 -100 room Hotels in Ireland in 2002 was 63.3 % (Horwath Bastow Charleton Hotel Industry Surveys 2000-2002)

Due to...