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Case Study 1

Q1: Describe the HRM practices that were conducted at House Smart. What evidence is there that the four key roles of an HR manager were applied? What impact did this have on organizational growth and survival?

(a) The HRM practices were not very much followed in the company. Following are the few HRM practices that were used in the company.

Social gathering of employees

Good relationship among employees and management

Motivating employees by treating them like a family

Selection among the existing employees (Jane was selected)

Leadership (Leader was only Colin)

Centralized decision making (by Colin)

(b) There was no evidence that the four key roles of HR manager were applied. The company was not following any HR practices in their management, and Colin as a leader and as a HR manager was not so impressive to apply HR practices.

(c) As the HR practices were not followed and the key HR roles were also not applied this thing damages the organization growth.

Company was affected badly due to the HR roles were not applied. The employees were not performing well and there was no job description available for the employees. Lack of planning was there due to which they don't know what to do in specific conditions. The reason the company was struggling for the survival was due to the HR problems in the company. If the HR management was good then company may not go to decline. . Due to these unsuitable HR practices and inefficient management, the House .mart Furniture Company suffered bankruptcy and had to shut down its office in Hong Kong.

Q2: Analyze the life cycle of the organization and compare it with the HR planning and forecasting needs to encourage growth and sustainability. What influence would effective HR planning have had...