Case Study Analysis: Help Wanted!

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Case Study Analysis:

Help Wanted!!!

Can you imagine looking for a job in the classified ads and coming upon a help wanted ad that read like this?


Busy grocery warehouse seeks well-organized person for multi-task position. Position is temporary, part-time work. Candidate must be friendly, reliable, flexible and able to work shift work on an on-call basis. Starting pay is $6 per hour, we do not offer benefits and you will need to pay union dues. Oh, did I forget to mention, you would also need to buy your own steel-toed work boots.

Serious Applicants Only.

Apply in-person at

Blue Grocery Stores

8 West King Street

Phoenix, AZ 55034

Ask for Arthur Reed

So, when can you start? No one in his or her right mind would accept a job under these terms. The underlying problem here is obvious; people do not want to work an un-flexible, temporary, part-time job with low wages, no benefits, and pay union dues on top of that.

Chances are you will never see an ad like this in your local newspaper. But in reality, this is what Blue Grocery Store, and many other employers, is asking from potential employees. The reason is not because they do not care about the applicants, but because they need temporary fill-ins while full-time employees are on vacation or sick. How can you expect to get good help when you cannot offer anything in return? In this paper, I plan to answer that question and suggest ideas that may help solve the dilemma of filling employment during summer vacations and sick days and also maybe finding ways to entice people to seek temporary employment such as this.

Maybe the first thing we should try, is to limit full-time employees from taking their vacations all at...