Case Study Involving Goya Food Products and their Marketing Plan.

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Goya Foods

#1: Of the six environmental forces presented in the chapter, discuss the forces that most greatly affect Goya's marketing strategy.

The force I believe affects Goya's strategy is the Sociacultural force. This is due to one of Goya's main strategies, which is pushing its product specifically to the Latin community. One of its greater advantages it has over competitors (Cambells) is its long-standing name among the history of the Latin community. A greater percentage of demographics who grow up eating a certain thing / brand will generally continue this when then become adults. Researching continuous growth of the Latin community in America will allow Goya to further push there product in the American market by not only providing their outstanding customers with their quality product, but will also introduce the non-Latin community to their items.

#2: Why is it so important for Goya marketers to understand the different sub-groups within the Latino community?

This is important as what is sold / consumed in one area may be completely different than another location.

Someone in Mexico City may not have access to certain foods that are main staples in Vera Cruz; this will in turn cause a loss in sales in a certain location. By researching foods consumed and the ingredients used to make those foods, correct production and application of the correct food in the correct location can be achieved.

#3: What might be some pros and cons of Goya's attracting more and more non-Latino consumers to its products?

One major pro to marketing to groups outside of the Latin community is definitely having a larger stake in Market share. More sales means more profit. More profit can be put into more R&D, Production, Expansion, and finally compromising larger company's...