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Essay by meteors November 2004

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To be frank, I dont expect much from the movie but this movie is Brilliant. In spite of the movie targeted at children, it pretty appeals to the more mature audience too. The movie flows along a typical manner but the comic relief brought up by the characters spice up the whole story. Who can 4get abt the role of Mr. Humberfloob,Mrs Kwan and Lawrence. The dialogues are pretty hilarious and not clich?too. Everything is just so perfect and explained that I can find any loopholes or blunder. 4 turtles as credit to the production team and artistes. However, I was abit curious why the show did not draw any attention from the cute 5 year old boy sitting beside me. (

There wasn much reaction from him except for the scene where the Cat revealed its butt. Dakota Fanning is simply beautiful. My mind totally blown off away by her.

Kelly Preston and Paris Hilton deserved the mention on the list too but my heart belongs to Dakota. I was especially charmed by her at the scene whereby she found out that she wasn invited to Denise birthday party when all the other kids in the neighborhood are over at Denise place celebrating with her.

Go catch the movie if u haf no idea of how to spend ur extra bucks in the pocket.