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Catch Me If You Can directed by Steven Spielberg tells the story of Frank Abagnale Jr., considered one of the most successful con men of all time. I saw this movie recently after renting it from the video store, I found it so good that I had to buy it. Frank Abagnale Jr. is an astounding and interesting character. The real life Abagnale originally said that he did not believe Dicaprio to be 'suave' enough to play the role, but he certainly does pull it off. Dicaprio's acting is superb, and totally believable as a man who could lie to, deceive, and con everyone he met without once losing any of his charisma or charm. Hanks is also excellent, he plays the role of the obsessed FBI agent well, and also with a likable quality. The interaction between these two characters was great, it was interesting to see a budding relationship slowly build between two characters who were actually positioned against one another.

The movie takes place in the late fifties and early sixties over the course of five years of Franck Abagnale Jr. Frank Abagnale lived in a time of innocence and trust. You cannot help but identify with this lonely, troubled and brilliant child who through charm and inventiveness managed to dupe Pan American Airlines out of over two million dollars over the course of five year, all before the age of twenty-one. The brilliance and daring of his crimes inspires a visceral sense of admiration for this character. Who would not want to live the jet set life of a playboy constantly outwitting the authorities at every turn?The foil for this rogue is one Carl Hanratty, played by Tom Hanks in this film. The juxtaposition of these different men brings to mind the fable of the...