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IntroductionCathay Pacific Airways Limited (Cathay)------was found as a British-registered airline(the Union Jack was on the tail) which started her first flight in 1945 with the Douglas DC-3, now has been called "The Airline of Hong Kong", owns over a hundred of Aircrafts and one of its boasts is that "every flight is an international flight" depending on the 400 square miles space of Hong Kong, Also it gives Cathay the extraordinary geographic advantages at this location: "As the center of Hong Kong, use five hours and a half flight time to draw a circle, North, it can reach the mainland China, Korea and the north of Japan; South, it can get to the Singapore, Indonesia and the northwest of Australia; West, it can fly to India. Almost covering all the important Asian Cities and nearly half of the world's population.

Cathay's "international" slant is further enhanced by its emphasis on having cabin crew stewardesses from ten Asian lands, each speaking English plus at least one Asian language, each providing the natural (rather than forced) warmth that typifies "Asian" services.

Cathay's success has based on her wide-range of service all around the world especially in Asia, and modern management orientation and employees from over ten countries. Also the enterprise has been affected on many areas, the followings are going to discuss about the problems in the Human Resources management level.

EnvironmentInternalManagement Culture:Contemporary Western corporate Workshops are offered focusing on the business (strategy and competition and all the rest) and on the manager himself (leading and delegating and self-understanding). Cathay Pacific has more British rather than Chinese (i.e., ethnic Chinese) Hong Kong's. In the list of Directors shown in the 1992 Annual Report, eight of the 23 Directors were ethnic Chinese; and among the 14 Executive Officers (ten of whom are...