Cather In The Rye

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My perfect village would be filled with all people below me. I would be their king. As king I would make up what I call fair rules. I would help govern the country from war, ban foreign trade, and go deep sea fishing a lot.

One of my first duties as king would be to alter some laws. First would be the change of speed limits, there would be none. Due to the excessive amounts of old people driving forty in a seventy I have taken the liberty to revoke all licenses of fifty year olds and up, unless they have their vision checked and retake the road test every four years.

As king I would keep peace with foreign nations by isolating mine. Without all the trading I believe it would give my people more jobs, and tech them to be more dependant upon each other as opposed to having to rely on "outsiders".

While king I would spend some of my time relaxing on a 50 ft sport fisher. I would make weekly trips to bimini in search of mahi mahi, grouper and some big game fish.

If that were where I lived I would never move. I think the foreign isolation policy and the revocation of the licenses are good ideas, how they actually turn out, we may never know.