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What does change mean? It means to make different or to alter. A change that I have recently undergone is getting a new job at the Kid's Club Daycare in Rock Rapids, Iowa. The causes for my job change are money, hours, and the dislike I had for my last job. Everyone experiences changes in their life, some minor to major, but I would consider a new job a pretty major change. Starting at the Kid's Club has been a good change for me, and it also fulfilled the needs I thought that it would like the money, hours, and happiness I wanted.

The first cause for my job change was money. I was going through a rough time with bills I had to pay such as car repairs, phone bills, and entertainment. At my last job I was paid only $4/hour plus three percent commission. That salary just does not cut it unless the store is always busy.

Which until about now it had been very slow, because people do not shop a whole bunch before Christmas is coming up. The real business starts when people start Christmas shopping. I probably would have made quite a bit of money during Christmas time, but after Christmas it would have went back to slow. So I figured that I should get a new job now where I could make more money and get a regular paycheck every time. Another bad thing about the paychecks at my last job is that they were unpredictable. One week it was decent the next not enough to fulfill all my basic needs. I got a job at the Kid's Club where I receive paychecks that I am happy with and that I can figure out about how much they will be every two weeks.