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essay on celts - gEORGIA WEBB

"The celts were a barbaric and primitive people." to what extent do you agree

In Iron Age and Medieval Europe, there were a group of tribal societies called the Celts that spread all across Europe. The Celts were believed to be semi-nomadic, moving all around Europe. Recent tells us that they were essentially located in central Europe and then migrated. More recent news, archaeological studies are now telling us that the Celts were in Europe from 1000 BC, occupying Eastern and Western Europe. The Celts spoke Celtic languages and with their own unique culture. The Celts were believed to be barbaric and primitive people, but why?

It is to be believed that The Celts were "barbaric but this is only in the eyes of the Romans. Romans believed that every non-roman were "barbarians". The Celts did produce a flourishing culture that has impacted the entire world, complete with art, jewellery, and religion and housing.

One time in history, they were the dominant people of Europe. The Celts never being on single nation, but because of their lack of union, they were ultimately overawed by the Roman Empire. Its well known that the Celts were terrifying in battle to the opposition.

Sacrifice was an initial part of Celts spiritual life and culture. Gifts of weapons, jewellery, art and even the blood of animals and humans were given to the gods in thanks to what they gave back to the Celts. They worshipped gods such as Dea Matres, Sulis, Epona and Sucellos and According to ancient sources, in honour of their gods they began to practise human sacrifices. An ancient source, Caesar tells us what the Celtics did once they won a battle. "When they have determined on a decisive battle, they dedicate as...