Challenges Which Young People Face in Present-Day Lithuania

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The life in Lithuania in recent years has changed extremely. These changes could be observed in all spheres of life and effect people of all ages and social layers. Lithuania has gained independence, joined the Common Market and is on the threshold of joining the European Union. The present day's situation and the above mentioned changes have influenced the younger generation in the first place. Nowadays young people of Lithuania face challenges in three basic areas: they have a possibility to get education in a foreign university, to improve their living standards and have better job and career perspectives.

To begin with, after joining the European Union Lithuanian students will be able to enter universities in any member state and will have equal rights to compete with foreign students in getting education. Also, students will get to know the different lifestyles and mentalities present in the various European states.

Moreover, the EU encourages and funds a number of student exchange programmes within the member states. It has become easier and cheaper for students to take part in one of these programmes and spend some time in another country.

Equally important is the fact that young people have got many opportunities to improve their living standards and get social benefits and guarantees being still young, in contrast to their parents who were able to enjoy them only at mature age. In accordance to European standards bank loans and leasing products are designed to create better living conditions for young people. For instance, students may get bank loans for education; newly married couples may solve the problem of accommodation with the help of special financial banking programmes. Under the circumstances, young people become independent from their parents and responsible for their future.

Finally, taking into consideration the fact that education has...