Challenging Topgrading concepts of maximizing human resources and reduces cost.

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction: The Talent Age

2.0 The Topgrade Concept

3.0 Effects of Topgrade to Human Resource

4.1 Recruitment and Selection

4.2 Training and Development

4.3 Performance Appraisal and Feedback

4.4 Pay and Benefits

4.5 Labor Relations

5.0 Effects of Topgrade to Organizations

6.0 Effects of Topgrade to Individuals

7.0 Effects of Topgrade to National Interest

8.0 Conclusions

9.0 References

1.0Introduction: The Talent Age

"The single most important driver of organizational performance and individual managerial success is talent". Topgrade Dr. Bradford D. Smart, 1999.

The era of human capital has dawn upon us, surpassing the information age of the nineties. Every company offers products and services that are replicable, achieve high quality and streamline process. Niche markets destroyed by the global market place. Technological advantages reduced by research and development initiatives. What would then be the competitive advantage crucial to business survival?

Human Capital. People that would not only deliver incremental, but exponential growth for organizations.

Talent that would make management initiatives converts to shareholder's value. The process of getting the best talent then comes into question.

2.0The Topgrade Concept

Topgrade as define by Dr. Bradford D. Smart is:

"Proactively filling positions in the organization with "A" players, at the appropriate compensation level, whilst removing or re-deploying "C's" and redeveloping "B'"s to reached "A" performance levels."

Contrary to the thinking that Topgrade is new material; it is closely related to Frederick W. Taylor (1911) "economic man" where work is concentrated on economic outcomes. Bringing us back to Taylorism (classical management theories) from the progression of Contingency theories, where emphasis is on the changing environment. Taylor's selection is based on physical attributes of man while D. Smart is in his talent.

3.0Effects of Topgrade to Human Resource

Human Resource Management aims to attract retains and ensures employees perform at...