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IB HL Chemistry

Lab Report Format

If you are submitting a lab for DESIGN criteria only, focus on the yellow highlighted areas of this report.



TITLE: Your title should reveal both your independent and dependent variable.



QUESTION: Define the problem or research question. Give a clear and specific statement of your purpose for the experiment. Make one or more statements describing the investigation. If a general purpose has already been suggested, you may restate it, but then you must make it more specific and relevant to your individual experiment.

HYPOTHESIS: This is your prediction about the behavior of the variables under investigation. It should be specific and directly related to your research question. Your hypothesis must have an explanation - you need to state your reason for your hypothesis and be quantitative where possible. Using the "If…, then…, because…" format may help you remember all of the components of a complete hypothesis, but the format is NOT required.

Do NOT formulate a hypothesis if you already know the expected result or if you have no idea what result you might obtain. In these cases, state that no meaningful hypothesis is possible. Note that your hypothesis does not need to be correct (i.e. your investigation might prove it incorrect), however it should be reasonable.

VARIABLES: List the main relevant variables with a brief statement explaining why they are relevant to this investigation. (For relevancy, consider how the variable could affect the outcome of the experiment.) Indicate which variables are independent (manipulated) and which are dependent (responding). State which variables need to be controlled and how you will control them. An experimental design diagram can be very helpful (hint, hint).

PROCEDURE: If a detailed procedure is provided, summarize the method in paragraph form and...