Changing Moments

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A defining moment in my life took place just this past summer. It was when I came to realization about how lucky i am to live in Wisconsin.

I experienced this with my mother, sammy Follis, and her mom. It was when sammy and I went to a basketball camp in North Carolina. on the way down the trip was long and all i could think about was yes, i am finally out of Wisconsin! As we were traveling through Illinois, it was much like Wisconsin, but very long. Our first night was in Kentucky; as we got there, Sammy and I were in total shell-shock. We stuck out like a sore thumb. We were the only blonde-haired blue-eyed people in about 1,000 mile radius. We left that area in the morning, and offto the hills we went. Along the roadside in the Tennessee hills were hillbillies selling anything you can imagine.

I never thought there were such people as hillbillies, but i was wrong. They were missing almost all their teeth, and looked as though they had not taken a shower in about a month.

When we got to North Carolina, things were much different from Wisconsin. We were just about the only whites; and down there people were much more protective over their belongings. After the week was over I was so happy to go back home to Wisconsin. As we entered the state we had to get out and smell the air because there is nothing like the fresh smell of cow dung! I realized that where i live, everyone around me is like family and have known me since i was born. And in North Carolina i felt like a stranger. I never thought i would be so happy to live on a dead-end dirt road than I was when I got home.