Characteristics of the Characters from Romeo Must die.

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Response to Film

Film title: 'Romeo Must Die'


Izek: Izek is the leader of the black society in the district. He is a very wealthy family/business man.

Han: (Jet Lee) Han is the son of a rich asian businessman who is competetive with Izek and his business. Han escapes from a Hong-Kong prison as he hears of his brothers murder in the U.S. and he sets out to find the people responsible for his brothers death. He would be recognised as the hero in this film. Han is also an expert martial artist/fighter.

Mr Sang: Mr Sang is the leader of the Asian society in the district and is a wealthy business man. Sang is the father of Han and Po.

Trish: (Aaliyah) Trish is the daughter of Izek and the younger sister of Collin. Trish and Han meet and both set out to find the people responsible for her Brothers and Han's death.

She is also portraid as a 'hero' or on the side with justice.

Collin: Collin is the son of Izek and older brother of Trish. Collin sets out in his fathers footsteps and wishes to be known as a new young business man with a bright future. But he is murdered after a series of events in the story.

Po: Po is Hans young brother hense the son of Mr Sang. Po is murdered early in the film in a black residential area. Po has a very 'stuck up', stubbern attitude throughout his time on the film.

Mac: Mac is Izek's right-hand man although Collin shows signs of dislike towards him. Mac doesn't stay as loyal as expected, considering his job possition.

Chan: Chan is Mr Sang's right-hand man, ranked about the same possition as Mac is to Izek. Chan is...