Charles Dickens Biography.

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Although Charles Dickens wrote many highly intriguing novels, his early life was not as easy as perceived. To begin with, Catherine Hogarth and Dickens had ten children together. None of them grew to be very old. Charles Dickens outlived each of his children by many years. This is one of the most devastating tragedies a parent can endure. Most likely these deaths greatly affected the way Charles wrote many of his works.

Next, Charles Dickens had to work very hard to become a well known, successful writer. He began school when he was 15 or 16 years old. His first job was a law clerk, then a court stenographer, and finally, a reporter for a newspaper. After writing for that newspaper for many years, he then became a Parliament's reporter. These writings showed all sides of life to him. He started to write his own stories, including Sketches by Boz.

This became a very popular story published in serialized newspapers. Subsequently, he submitted the Pickwick Papers to newspapers. After that, he finally began to write novels, which is what he is most well-known for. Charles had a difficult early life, especially with all of his children passing away so young, but he kept working hard until he got his big break, and finally became successful.